Robo-Calls, I blame the Russians….

So for the past six months or so I have been getting a call from a fake recoding lady I refer to as “Headset Emily”. I envision her in a few different ways.  

She starts off always like “Can you hear me? Wait, I have to fix my headset.” And I’m over here like:

Get Your Shit Together Emily!!! 

Then she moves into how because I stayed at her resort I qualify for this that or the other. Meanwhile, I’m at work tethered to my desk with an ankle shackle, looking at my pre-payday bank account balance of $3.12, trying to recall when I had been on this magical resort vacation stay, and whether or not I had fun??? 🤔

Now, once I blocked her number from her first call, girlfriend stepped up her Robo-Call game. She evidently has managed to acquire four bazillion numbers that match her original local area code number. They are all like one number sequence different, but similar enough I know to avoid any call from a 239 area code and a 410-XXXX number behind it. 

I mean all this is probably just the Russians trying to change my vote, with Putin keeping Headset Emily in his Robo-Call dungeon. But what do I know? I just type here.   

Happy Thursday 🙃

Stuff I love – Tuesday…

LOL Tuesday IS Monday’s ugly sister. But I think if I had a job I was happy at I probably would enjoy most days.

So my evening went as follows. Got home, picked out a sewing pattern I wanted to try, picked a few fabric combo options, cut said pattern out, sewed everything on backwards and had to pick it all apart. Then I promptly flung it onto the table in a heap to let it think about what it has done. 

Note to self, quit trying projects at bedtime dummy! 

Just waiting on my melatonin to kick in. My whole life I’ve been a terrible sleeper. Just insomniac city. 3-4 hours a sleep per night. Days and days in a row like that. Always tired during my workday. One day I tried melatonin. Well holy hell, evidently this is what my body hasn’t been naturally producing my whole life. 

I take NOW brand 5mg melatonin (Amazon link below) and it really has made all the difference for me. I sleep like a human being, and it’s a quality sleep so I don’t wake up exhausted. I also don’t feel like I’m dying from terminal exhaustion during the day anymore. 

It was suggested I start at 2.5mg. However,  I decided with my sleep resistance that I’d start at 5mg. Well it took about five days to see consistent results, but once that happened I was a believer.  I don’t plan to ever be without it. I also don’t take it everyday. I usually skip the weekend and a day here and there. But I sure can tell. 

I think what I like most about it is that it’s a natural sleep. I can take it as late as 10 or 11 and not wake up in the am groggy and weird. It also doesn’t put me in a coma sleep. I can wake up if needed and actually function. And I typically wake up once a night anyhow. But it just makes me sleepy enough to fall asleep and helps keep me asleep and if I wake up I can usually fall back asleep fairly easily. 

Once in a while I still have trouble. But it’s usually when I’m upset and overthinking or if I’ve fallen asleep for a good solid 7 hours then I can’t always go back immediately. 

Melatonin has made such a difference in my sleep I can’t say a bad thing about it. Fan for life 🙂. 

Goodnight – 😴😴 Kat

Low Carb Food Alternative Try Out Sunday….

So although I am overweight, I do actually love healthy food. Vegetables of all kinds, things like hummus and tofu, and I am alllllways willing to try a new veggie based product designed to recreate a familiar meat based or carb based food product. 

Today I rummaged through my freezer for supplies to make my work lunches for the week. I had Cooked Perfect Angus Frozen Meatballs (see pic below) and I don’t especially enjoy frozen meat items but these have been good to me. Taste and texture are good for me and so far no strange oddities in the meat. 

So I baked these in the oven with BBQ sauce. In addition I tried cauliflower rice for the first time. My boss at work told me she gets a better texture and moisture content by sautéing in a pan with a fat of her choice and seasonings. Today I just used butter and salt and pepper. I wanted to recreate basic plain white rice as much as possible. 

So I sautéed for about 15-20 min til it was cooked through and no longer had a strong cauliflower taste. Basically it ends up tasting like rice would. Texture is on par with white rice and when eaten with my BBQ meatballs it essentially was like I just had a piece of BBQ meat and white rice and it was damn delicious. 

I am literally so impressed with this food I may never go back to rice and I can’t wait to make veggie fried rice with it. I cannot express just how much it was like eating real rice here. So. Dang. Good. 

I also tried veggie tots. Now I habitually over cook my regular tater tots to get them crispy and I did the same with these. They get crispy and brown but I recommend almost doubling the cook time and flipping halfway to get a true crispy texture. They have a creaminess inside and a very pleasant flavor. I don’t see kids rejecting these at all. They would be delicious with ketchup. 

Overall I am thrilled with the cauliflower rice alternative and the veggie tots. I ultimately want to make my own homemade meatballs and cauli rice and maybe even get bold enough to try a home made veggie tot. But to be able to switch out a high carb item to a lower carb alternative and not miss a thing is amazing to me. 
I have struggled with moisture content with zucchini noddles and  I am going to try a sauté to eliminate moisture as just salting isn’t doing it for me. But I looooove the mouth feel of the zucchini noodles. It’s so comparable to regular pasta it makes it almost impossible to believe you aren’t eating regular noodles. 

That is where this comes in, one of my most favorite kitchen tools. The paderno spiralizer is what I have and adore. But they also have a 5 blade upgrade option. I have the 3 blade because when I bought it that was my only option. I had originally tried the veggetti hand spiralizer, and it lasted about up to the time I tried to clean it and after that paderno was ordered. It’s just so much simpler and easier to clean. 


I love the spiralized noodles. My only issue with them is moisture. But I shall sauté them like I did the cauli rice and see how that works for me moving forward. 

Happy Sunday  ❤️ Kat 

I have Crafter’s A.D.D., and it’s terminal…

So I am having a nice chat with my dad today about this, that or the other in crafting and he says “you have way too many crafts going on at one time.”

Now my first inclination was to hmmppfftt at him with a cranky “NO I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT!”, retort. But quite honestly he is right. 

It is because of what I describe as my Crafter’s A.D.D. So that, coupled with my OCD insistence on making sure every new craft I pick up has all the assorted items to go with it, I basically have ten bazillion craft projects going at one time. 

It is kind of like if you give a mouse a cookie. 

If you give a me a zipper, then I want fabric to make a pouch, but then I want a snap to make a wallet, but then I want an elastic for a matching headband, but then I need a bead for a coordinating bracelet… and it just goes from there. 

I am in the middle of chair covers one day, when I see a design that would look cool woodburned, so I picked up a wood burning tool set and all it’s accompaniments, then got distracted by a free pattern for a purse, but that purse needed a snap, then I saw kamsnaps which lead to my keyfob craze, which has turned into nautical bracelets, which turned into resin pendants and so on and so forth. 

And it is just like this. All. The. Time. I have so many ideas in my head at once it is hard to channel them into focus on just one thing at a time. I shall refer to this as my creative genius. GENIUS!!!! Lol. Probably just more like full on crazy. But creative genius sounds way cooler so that’s the story I’m sticking too 😜.

HaHa Wednesday…

Lol so I am on Pinterest today…..cuz……well, ….I freaking looooooove Pinterest. So I see this and started laughing so hard cuz it is so true. 

Lol let me now clarify. I don’t mean like when you are chewing nicely with your mouth closed and you just happen to be eating something rock hard ie: cape cod kettle chips which are akin to chewing literal rocks. You can’t help noisy items making noise through your closed mouth. Doritos. Cape cod chips. Captain crunch cereal. These are just noisy dang items. 

I am specifically talking about mouth open smacking chompers. You know who they are. You may sit next to them at a ball game or across the dinner table from them nightly or you may even be one. 
For those people who live with a Sir Smacky Chomps a Lot, how can you stand it? For those of you that are a Sally Smacks a Plenty, how can you not hear it? 

And I know there is a word for it when these types of noise drive you isnsane. One of my friends specifically brought it up because both my sister and I, as well as one of our other friends dislike smacking so much and other noises. And maybe that’s my issue, maybe if I didn’t have this noise issue things like that wouldn’t bother me. But I also don’t wanna see the food being ground up inside someone’s mouth either. So it is a twofold no thanks for me. 

And I mean I probably won’t kill the person smacking near me, but I will imagine them dying in a variety of ways, that much I know lol!!

Bohemian Rhapsody of my life..err, job-life that is….

My dream job… Isthis the real life? (Does it actually exist somewhere?) OR – Is this just fantasy? (And no escape from reality.)

Firstly, let me begin by saying I am grateful. Grateful I have a job at all. Grateful I make more than minimum wage. Grateful I have benefits like access to insurance and a 401k that I contribute too. I am also grateful for my boss who is flexible and doesn’t micromanage. I am also grateful for my hardworking coworkers. 

But does that mean I can’t want more? That I can’t want my dream job? Does me having a good start mean I also can’t want the ultimate? 

It isn’t all about money for me. Although, my ideal goal is to make about $30-50 per hour that isn’t all I am looking for. I want a pension, plus 401k with company matching. I want company paid insurance. I want onsite health clinic and gym and daycare (I don’t even have kids but a company that offers this is a company that is thinking of its employees). I want free lunches and snacks. I want ergonomic work stations with sit stand desks. I want remote work options and flexible hours, so I can travel and work. I want a company culture where employees are encouraged to grow and develop and learn new things in their positions. Or cross train to see if the employee would be a good fit in a different position. I want 10 or more holidays days a year. I want bonuses, yearly reviews and raises if earned. I want direction and leadership. 

I don’t need a kumbayah drum circle, or a tender heartstring hug-fest at my job. But I do need to be utilized and valued and compensated for the value I have. Idk perhaps I just over estimate my contributions to a work place. Maybe I just have a big ego to match my big ole butt and my big ole watermelon head. I second guess myself a lot, but I think I’m pretty neat overall and a good asset. 

And I’ll be totally honest, I don’t know if this ideal ultimate job even exists. But I am going to try my hardest to find it, or get as close to it as I possibly can. I may never achieve all of those things with one company but I know I can get closer than I am. 

A Case of the Mondays…

Here it is, almost time to go back to work. I’ve already mentioned the toxic relationship I am in with my job. It also occurred to me during that contemplation, just how much my daily work life resembles the movie “Office Space”. 

Yesterday I had to watch it again to make sure I wasn’t imagining things lol. Sure enough, my job is “Initech” and I am a combination of Peter and Michael. 

I simultaneously tell myself and others, “there just has to be something better than this” & “why can’t you just figure out a way to turn off your brain and just be happy with mediocre”. I firmly believe there is something better out there, I am just not sure life likes me enough to open any of the doors I keep knocking on. 

I work in a cubicle and constantly have to hear other people’s phones and radios and conversations both whispered and not. My phone happens to be on silent and I wear headphones but they don’t always drown out what’s around me. 

We recently have had consultants come in to “evaluate” what we do. They have reminded me of a combination of Lumberg & the Bobs. Basically talking to hear themselves talk about things they know nothing about, all while not listening to a word you say. Then at the same time they manage value and promote people who do absolutely nothing, while eliminating people who work so hard. 

I literally feel like I am driving to Initech everyday.  I get repetitive emails and conversations about “TPS” reports, and their fax cover sheets, over and over and over again. It is a very bizarre experience to realize there is a movie that very aptly describes a whole segment of your daily life. 

We even have a “Milton” that has threatened to “burn the place to the ground” which promted extra security at the building. By now he is probably management knowing this place. 🙄

I do not know what the future holds, only that there IS something better out there. I just hope someday I find it. 

Pain Points from the U.S. Open & the open road…

I do not love sports. Pretty much across the board not a fan. At all. In any way. Outside of the olympics, I just don’t find them of interest. Then there is golf. I love golf. Love everything about it. I find it relaxing and exciting to watch all at the same time. I can’t tell you why I just do. 

Two of my favorite golfers are Phil Mickelson & Rory McIlroy.  Phil is fun to watch, especially when he is in the weeds lol. They are both adorable, and Rory has a delightful accent. Anyone that knows me knows I’m keen on accents Irish, Scottish, or Boston in nature. 

That brings me to Pain Point One: 

Fans incessantly screaming the phrase, “GET IT IN THE HOLE!!” (Insert a “that’s what she said!” follow up here lol). So what the heck is with fans screeching that constantly. Does it somehow guide the ball into the cup? Does screaming that like a lunatic create an audible path for the ball to follow? I wonder if the players find it as distracting as I do. And do they really think it’s helping? 

Sometimes, I wish for those that scream “get it in the hole!” to accidentally trip, and step on a Lego, with their voice box. Only sometimes. Ok all the time. 😳

This brings me to my Pain Point Two: 

What is with the people that don’t pull all the way up or at least closer to the stop bar at traffic lights?

Can anyone explain that to me? And maybe I got it all wrong in thinking that being close to the stop bar may trigger the light. For instance look at this fellow. 


Is there an invisible herd of adorable baby goats in front of him that he doesn’t want to smash? If so, sure I’d hang back too. Is his invisible friend & said friend’s invisible mustang convertible in front of him? Is there an invisible force field physically keeping him 10-20 feet back at all times? 

Anyhow as I watch Ricky Fowler make awesome shots during this 2017 U.S. Open, these are the things running through my head.