Sunday Funday, and I kinda have it together, sort of…

So it is Sunday and I’ve spent the past two weeks getting acclimated at my new job and transitioning to part time at my old job. Trying to find a rhythm. Or some sort of something. 

So far I like my new job but they sure aren’t quick about training. I keep hearing “we are gonna have you dive right in” but the thing is I can’t find the pool cuz no one will show me the way. And to be fair I guess they are all just too busy. But I am not sure I’d want to pay someone to just hang out all day. Oh well, such is life I guess working for a government organization? Idk I’m new here don’t ask me. 😜

In other news I’ve been food prepping for the week. Which has taken up much of my time. However, I’ve used Walmart’s grocery pick up. Dang it’s really nice. I ordered what I wanted on Wednesday, actually was able to go back into my order and add stuff I forgot. I got a notice on the app and email my order was ready for pickup Saturday. Used the app to “check in” (aka alert them that I was on my way) pulled into the parking spot and not 45 seconds later there was Barbara with all my stuff. Two minutes later I was on my way with a free gift bag of stuff (picture below) Super convenient and cool. I’ll be using that again.  

This week’s meal prep includes veggie pasta salad, and ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I made enough for my sister for the week too. Last week I had made eggs in my muffin top pan and liked it so much I made those again and also tried sheet pan scrambled eggs. They worked great too. Awesome way to make freezer friendly breakfast sandwiches. 

Seriously super good. I think I spent $26 (no coupons or sales just regular price) and got 24 sandwiches of assorted kinds. Wheat English muffins, white English muffins, and biscuits. All with spiral sliced ham, egg and cheese. Sister got about ten and I got six for the week and seven for the freezer. 

Liking the food prep cooking. Gonna try and always double up when I cook from now on, especially for those things that will freeze well.  

Didn’t get any time for crafts this weekend. And may not for a while. I am so grateful and lucky I have this job with the city, but I still believe I belong in a domestic career vs a company career. One day maybe. Until then I’m gonna work as hard as I can with these two jobs and pay off my car early I hope. 

Happy Sunday! ❤️ Kat.