Stuff I love – Tuesday…

LOL Tuesday IS Monday’s ugly sister. But I think if I had a job I was happy at I probably would enjoy most days.

So my evening went as follows. Got home, picked out a sewing pattern I wanted to try, picked a few fabric combo options, cut said pattern out, sewed everything on backwards and had to pick it all apart. Then I promptly flung it onto the table in a heap to let it think about what it has done. 

Note to self, quit trying projects at bedtime dummy! 

Just waiting on my melatonin to kick in. My whole life I’ve been a terrible sleeper. Just insomniac city. 3-4 hours a sleep per night. Days and days in a row like that. Always tired during my workday. One day I tried melatonin. Well holy hell, evidently this is what my body hasn’t been naturally producing my whole life. 

I take NOW brand 5mg melatonin (Amazon link below) and it really has made all the difference for me. I sleep like a human being, and it’s a quality sleep so I don’t wake up exhausted. I also don’t feel like I’m dying from terminal exhaustion during the day anymore. 

It was suggested I start at 2.5mg. However,  I decided with my sleep resistance that I’d start at 5mg. Well it took about five days to see consistent results, but once that happened I was a believer.  I don’t plan to ever be without it. I also don’t take it everyday. I usually skip the weekend and a day here and there. But I sure can tell. 

I think what I like most about it is that it’s a natural sleep. I can take it as late as 10 or 11 and not wake up in the am groggy and weird. It also doesn’t put me in a coma sleep. I can wake up if needed and actually function. And I typically wake up once a night anyhow. But it just makes me sleepy enough to fall asleep and helps keep me asleep and if I wake up I can usually fall back asleep fairly easily. 

Once in a while I still have trouble. But it’s usually when I’m upset and overthinking or if I’ve fallen asleep for a good solid 7 hours then I can’t always go back immediately. 

Melatonin has made such a difference in my sleep I can’t say a bad thing about it. Fan for life 🙂. 

Goodnight – 😴😴 Kat