Stuff I Love Saturday – INSTACART….

I am not a fan of shopping. I don’t like the crowds. I don’t like the exhaustive search for things. So if I go, I try to make it during the week, really early in the morning. It is just not an enjoyable activity for me. This is why I love Amazon so dang much. Online shopping is zero hassle 97% of the time for me.

I’ve been doing weekly food prep for lunch for the week at work. Typically, I’ve been going shopping about 7:30am on Saturday. Well I slept like crap last night and was like uuuggghhh don’t wanna! I flailed a little too, not gonna lie.

Then I remembered the online grocery delivery options I had seen recently. Shipt is one, Walmart does carside delivery for free, but I had a free promo code for Instacart today so that is what I decided to try.

My options for my area with Instacart are the grocery store chain Publix and total wine, lol. I love Publix, it’s where I shop normally so I downloaded the app, signed up and went to town shopping.

I was able to choose items, real time pricing, and be able to make a comment if needed (i.e. If I had wanted bananas on the greener side I would have noted it there). Once all my items were in my cart I checked out and paid, my total was $95 or so and they let me know prior to check out they were going to put a $110 hold on my card but the charge would be pushed through as my final amount within a few days. I was fine with that so I finalized my order, chose my delivery time and I was done. Easy Peezy.

I got an email confirmation. Then the app notified me that my shopper Melinda had begun shopping for my items. I was able to track my order via the app the entire time, real time much like Domimoes app when you order pizza. During the process Melinda sent me a message that one of the items I requested was not available. She suggested a substitution and I was able to approve or deny right from the app. She also was able to chat with me via app instant message.

Once Melinda was on her way I got another updated eta message from the app. It said she would be delivering by 12:05pm and she arrived at 12:02pm. I didn’t order meat because I didn’t want to trust that sort of thing on this first try. However, I did order produce and ice cream and deliberately set my delivery time for a time farther away from my order time to test how things would go.

My items and receipt were all packed great. Everything arrived in great condition. Ice cream was barely soft and it’s HOT outside! I ordered avocados and bananas both at just ripe stage so I can use them now but also have a good few days. Just as I would have purchased them.

The break down is normal delivery is $5.99, and there is a 10% service fee added. But the prices on the app all matched my Publix ad. Everything one sale in the ad was reflected in the app. I actually ended up getting my cauliflower rice cheaper than expected. You have the option to tip at delivery or include after you rate. As a ratings email arrives after your order is submitted as complete and delivered.

Overall, I am really happy with the app, the service, the pricing. I will use them again. Here are some images from the app so you can get an idea of how it looks.

I can totally see how awesome this would be for busy parents who are always on the go or shopping haters like me. Lol. Thanks for reading. Happy Saturday ❤️ Kat.