Robo-Calls, I blame the Russians….

So for the past six months or so I have been getting a call from a fake recoding lady I refer to as “Headset Emily”. I envision her in a few different ways.  

She starts off always like “Can you hear me? Wait, I have to fix my headset.” And I’m over here like:

Get Your Shit Together Emily!!! 

Then she moves into how because I stayed at her resort I qualify for this that or the other. Meanwhile, I’m at work tethered to my desk with an ankle shackle, looking at my pre-payday bank account balance of $3.12, trying to recall when I had been on this magical resort vacation stay, and whether or not I had fun??? 🤔

Now, once I blocked her number from her first call, girlfriend stepped up her Robo-Call game. She evidently has managed to acquire four bazillion numbers that match her original local area code number. They are all like one number sequence different, but similar enough I know to avoid any call from a 239 area code and a 410-XXXX number behind it. 

I mean all this is probably just the Russians trying to change my vote, with Putin keeping Headset Emily in his Robo-Call dungeon. But what do I know? I just type here.   

Happy Thursday 🙃