Low Carb Food Alternative Try Out Sunday….

So although I am overweight, I do actually love healthy food. Vegetables of all kinds, things like hummus and tofu, and I am alllllways willing to try a new veggie based product designed to recreate a familiar meat based or carb based food product. 

Today I rummaged through my freezer for supplies to make my work lunches for the week. I had Cooked Perfect Angus Frozen Meatballs (see pic below) and I don’t especially enjoy frozen meat items but these have been good to me. Taste and texture are good for me and so far no strange oddities in the meat. 

So I baked these in the oven with BBQ sauce. In addition I tried cauliflower rice for the first time. My boss at work told me she gets a better texture and moisture content by sautéing in a pan with a fat of her choice and seasonings. Today I just used butter and salt and pepper. I wanted to recreate basic plain white rice as much as possible. 

So I sautéed for about 15-20 min til it was cooked through and no longer had a strong cauliflower taste. Basically it ends up tasting like rice would. Texture is on par with white rice and when eaten with my BBQ meatballs it essentially was like I just had a piece of BBQ meat and white rice and it was damn delicious. 

I am literally so impressed with this food I may never go back to rice and I can’t wait to make veggie fried rice with it. I cannot express just how much it was like eating real rice here. So. Dang. Good. 

I also tried veggie tots. Now I habitually over cook my regular tater tots to get them crispy and I did the same with these. They get crispy and brown but I recommend almost doubling the cook time and flipping halfway to get a true crispy texture. They have a creaminess inside and a very pleasant flavor. I don’t see kids rejecting these at all. They would be delicious with ketchup. 

Overall I am thrilled with the cauliflower rice alternative and the veggie tots. I ultimately want to make my own homemade meatballs and cauli rice and maybe even get bold enough to try a home made veggie tot. But to be able to switch out a high carb item to a lower carb alternative and not miss a thing is amazing to me. 
I have struggled with moisture content with zucchini noddles and  I am going to try a sauté to eliminate moisture as just salting isn’t doing it for me. But I looooove the mouth feel of the zucchini noodles. It’s so comparable to regular pasta it makes it almost impossible to believe you aren’t eating regular noodles. 

That is where this comes in, one of my most favorite kitchen tools. The paderno spiralizer is what I have and adore. But they also have a 5 blade upgrade option. I have the 3 blade because when I bought it that was my only option. I had originally tried the veggetti hand spiralizer, and it lasted about up to the time I tried to clean it and after that paderno was ordered. It’s just so much simpler and easier to clean. 


I love the spiralized noodles. My only issue with them is moisture. But I shall sauté them like I did the cauli rice and see how that works for me moving forward. 

Happy Sunday  ❤️ Kat