Little Assholes & the Parents that Raise them…

I happened to take my lunch break today and ride with my sister and one of my 3 nieces to Old Navy. I needed to escape my desk. My sister needed a different shirt she didn’t feel trapped in. And my niece, I’ll call her A2 (cuz A1 is her older sister) was along for the ride. 

Now, all of my sisters kids are attractive children. She makes nice looking kids. I may be biased, cuz I am family, but pretty much all my sisters kids are beautiful. A2 especially, is a pretty blonde haired, blue eyed, naturally tanned, genuinely nice and kind hearted kid. She is the first to apologize and make up, the first to help someone, the first to offer up the better toy to her friend. She is just an unselfish and sweet kid. 

So my sister texts me while in the store about running into some kid in A2’s class who is apparently one of those kids you know immediately is just an asshole. I can totally pick those kids out immediately too. I don’t know what it is about them, or their demeanor, or the way they carry themselves. I just know. 

Evidently, it started with this little brat and her mother racing to cut off my sister in line. Now anyone who has been to Old Navy knows that store is a hot mess and lines never move. So I get wanting to get in line as soon as possible. But not at the expense of rudely cutting someone off. Then the little brat’s friend, who was also with her & her mother, stood and stared at my sister and niece the entire time they were in line. Staring and whispering about some picture app, and were apparently about to start snapping pics to post when my sister started staring back, and the little twat put down her phone. 

And like I have to stop here and ask, where is the mother in this? Where is her attention? Because, no I don’t have my own kids, but when I am with my nieces or nephews I am on them like white on rice. Who are you texting? Why are you whispering? Stop staring it’s rude. And my nieces and nephew don’t stare. But I am just saying, I am there monitoring their behavior, as is their mother, when we are in public as well as home. 

So my sister gets in the car with A2, who is already worried about them posting her picture online and what gossip will be written about her. She is 11, why should that even be a concern? And why is the little snot nosed brat already such a jackass at 11? We pull out of the parking lot and happen to drive past them and there is the mother 100% involved in her cell phone, not even checking to see if her brat kid and friend are behind her. I notice this poor unfortunate looking girl. With her limp, thin, dishwater brown hair and bulbous nose and ask myself is it jealousy? Does jealousy start that young? 

I think back to when I was a kid, I wasn’t beautiful like my neices and sister are. I wasn’t hideous but I was meh looking. I don’t remember ever being jealous of beautiful people wanting to maliciously hurt them. A2 told me this asshat kid is a consistent gossip monger at school and ringleader of a group of mean girls. At 11, this is happening. 

What kind of parents are raising this demonic spawn? Are they encouraging it? Is it like “oh little so & so is so adorably precocious” at 2, and then it got out of hand by 11? Or is this behavior that they excuse and justify the entirety of the kids life? Or is it simply a lack of attention to their little bastard’s ways? Or some combo of it all? 

But this mean girl kid is gonna be the same asshat in junior high making other kids miserable, and it will carry right over to high school. And these are the kids that grow up to be the unbelievably entitled asshole adults we have to deal with on a daily basis too. Who blame everyone else for everything that is wrong. Who stir up gossip and fuel lies. The ones that karma never seems to throat punch like I would like. 

And yes I do see the hypocrisy in me using mean references in taking about this mean girl. Just can’t care at the moment. She is an asshole. And her mother is clearly doing just a fine job in raising her. Hope the sarcasm is coming through on that last bit. 🙄

Happy Mean Girl Friday ❤️ Kat.