It’s Friiiiidday Night!!

Thank you baby Jesus it is Friday night! No more work for two whole days! This week just about killed me, so what is a girl to do?
Get in her comfies, get into her bed, and watch movies!!!! My current favorite movie is Deadpool. (insert shameless Amazon affiliate plug here)

I will have you know that Deadpool is not my current favorite just because Ryan Reynolds is a hottie, ok well not ONLY that reason, jeez quit judging a girl would ya? Seriously though, this is a good movie. It has all the key components for me:

  • Humor
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Little darkness
  • Some smut, gore, & foul language

None of it is too much. All of it goes together to make an awesomely NOT childfriendly fun movie.
I rate this right up there with another of my favorites Superbad.

This was my first introduction to Emma Stone, Jonah Hill & Michael Cera. And lead me to my other three favorites:

  1. Juno
  2. Easy A
  3. Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy stupid love has another delightful hottie Ryan Gosling. Watch these movies right now. And love them like I do. Thanks!!
Have an awesome Friday night ❤️ Kat.