I am a Work in Progress ….but I am GRATEFUL. 

I want to preface this by saying I am always thankful and grateful for things. I am grateful for my friends, my family who allows me to try to reach my goals with full support, and my ability to work. But I think for me, I am often more cognizant of the things I don’t like vs the things I do, when something isn’t going my way. 

That being said in an effort to improve my life in small ways and devote time per week to creative outlets, I am also going to make an effort to be more verbally grateful. 

It hit me this morning as I was driving in the monsoon rainstorm, and saw someone waiting at a bus stop, that I am grateful that I am able to work and make enough money to afford my own car so I don’t have to take the bus. 

That guy may be grateful he has a sheltered bus bench to wait on instead of having to be in the rain. Remembering the small things that I’m grateful for I think makes a difference in outlook. I may not love paying my car payment monthly, but I’m grateful that I am able to work two jobs in order to try to pay it off faster. 

I’ve decided that being grateful for the small things, doesn’t have to change the things I dislike, but it sure will help me figure out better where I need and want to go in life. 

For instance, I am grateful I have a job so I can pay my bills, but moving forward my next car payment I don’t want to be over $300 a month. I am very grateful to have landed a city job and have my old job as part time, but moving forward I want to figure out a way to make money creatively vs being stuck in a regular job. 

And maybe this is just some kind of boredom crazy I’m experiencing here since my new job has yet to train me on anything and I do a lot of sitting. But I was just thinking and gratefulness creates awareness which helps us make good decisions for ourselves. 

Anyhow, those are my Monday two cents. Have a super day! ❤️ Kat. 

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