Happy Fourth of Monsoon.. ….err July…

Lol so today I was off from work. Blessed are the people who have some national holidays off. I am grateful today that I am afforded that luxury. I am also grateful I live in the United States of America. Despite our dysfunctional government, I enjoy the freedoms I have and my ability to go anywhere in life here.

So for my holiday I decided to do laundry (don’t be jelly) and make some resin pendants and fire up a Hunger Games marathon. I also had a nap, during which a torrential downpour monsoon woke me up. Luckily for all those heading out into nature, in the 459,000% humidity, the monsoon rain has ceased. So they should be able to blast off fireworks without too much of a fuss.

I was first introduced to the Hunger Games series by my brother in law, well my sister actually telling me my BIL was reading the books. At that time I hadn’t seen the movies nor did I have any interest. But my sister kept saying how much my BIL was enjoying them so I purchased the first book. Well woah boy I was sold after that and got the rest and subsequently bought all the movies too.

Now I love paper books, I have a lot of physical books. But I love the option to have books on my phone too. So I got the kindle version of the Hunger Games first. However, I plan to buy the box set too eventually for my bookshelf.

Much like the digital books I also love Amazon video for the same reason. I can take all my movies anywhere and watch them on any device. I chose to purchase the Amazon video Hunger Games vs physical DVDs and I’m not sorry. I’ve been able to watch them on my pc, phone, tablet and Roku and love that flexibility.

Digital options reduce my propensity to collect clutter and also create a flexible mode of entertainment that I can take with me anywhere. Ty Amazon. Idk if anyone can tell yet, but I’m an Amazon fan. I dearly love nearly everything about it. Now if only I was rich enough to afford some Amazon stock. One day maybe 🙃.

Happy 4th! 🎆🎇

❤️ Kat.