Cuz You Gotta Have Goals…

One June 1st of last year, 2016, being unsatisfied with my life, I up and decided one day to put in my notice at work and relocate to California to see if it could work. 

It was specifically after I had seen this quote on Pinterest. It reminded me of my old friend Craig, he always told me, “just do something, anything, even if it doesn’t work who cares, just take the step”. 

I had been feeling especially stuck and unhappy and in a huge rut. So I asked my friend Jennie could I try it out and stay with her and she said “you bet!”. So I put in my notice and started packing. 

Ultimately my job let me relocate and work remotely, for which I will forever be grateful, and so off I went. I drove to Texas first to stop and see friends, rolled through the wide open spaces across the country, I marveled at all the landscapes I’d been missing and I made my way to Northern California. 

I spent several months there, loved every minute of it, saw so many things, applied for ten thousand jobs, and then my boss asked, what would it take to get you back here? So I told her and she said ok. I continued traveling about. Took the pacific coast highway, over to Vegas, back to Texas, to Florida for my nieces softball tournament and wound up back home and working at my same desk and my same rut again. 

What I thought would happen didn’t come to fruition, so from November of 2016 — June of 2017 I really was hard core looking for another job. During that time my California friend Jennie and my coworker Kristy, who are both very big on goals and goal setting, kept saying what to you want? Where do you want to be? What are your goals? To be honest, I have never really defined goals for myself.  I had kinda chalked that up to I’ll figure it out on the way. 

However, I was so unsatisfied and unhappy that I really started thinking about it. I came up with my ultimate goal. That’s my Plan A, but then I also came up with Plans B, C & D. They all are along the same lines but variations to leave allowances for things that either just cannot be or I cannot force. 

After that, I also decided to make some mini  goals, achievable, really quite small things that I could do in order to create a happier me in my rut. For instance I like a creative outlet, so one of my small goals has been to devote a minimum of 5 hours per week on something creative. 

I have found that doing these small things have made the misery of my rut a lot more bearable. I’ve also learned new things during this process. In devoting my 5 hours a week, I’ve learned new ways to use resin, I’ve learned how to imbed hyperlinks into my blogs. It’s like all these things helped take my mind off my dissatisfaction. 

Then about 3 weeks ago now, I got a call from a job I had applied for in March from the city, a job that was in my Plan B goals and I am just waiting on a final salary discussion and start date, well so long as my drug test is passed lol. 

So I don’t know if my huge leap to one day up and relocate to California was the catalyst for all this, or it was just one piece of the road puzzle to get me where I want to be. What I do know is this: 

  • Figure out your goals 
  • Figure out small steps to get you to your goals
  •  It doesn’t matter if you start small or start big JUST START
  • DON’T let negativity sway you

This doesn’t mean don’t listen to advice. It doesn’t mean ignore people who care about you. It just means don’t feel bad about making changes to better your life even if they make others uncomfortable. 
I guess that’s all for now. 

Happy Sunday! ❤️ Kat.