Cheerful Notes to the Inconsiderate….

This is a hard lesson for people to learn I think. I say this because the world is full of habitually Inconsiderate douche canoes. I have compiled a few cheerful notes to these people 🙂. 

Dear Animal Loving Neighbor,

I love how you allow your pet artistic fecal interpretation, on my lawn. I also admire how you support your pets dedication to creative expression though barks for 2-10 hours at a time. 



P.s. Your garage has amazing acoustics! 

Dear Avid Music Lover,

I am in awe of  your supernatural ability to avoid damaging your hearing while simultaneously thumping my ear drums from my ear canals, and all this from a different location than me. I also admire your persistance in expanding my musical horizons against my will. I am sure some day I will be grateful for this. 



Dear Most Important Person in the World,

I am sorry I didn’t recognize you at first when you were: 

  • Cutting me off to get ahead in a line you didn’t wait in
  • Idly standing/sitting/parking in the way talking on your cell phone or to another person while me or others attempt to get by
  • Not following rules because they just don’t apply to you
  • Loudly demanding service before others who were there before you because, don’t we know who you are?
  • Making excessive racket wherever you happen to be for either excessive amounts of time or at ungodly hours of the day or night

I will try harder to be cognizant of who it is the next time. Could I get your autograph?

My sincere apologies, 


I think these cheerful little notes would make anyone’s day 🙂, back to work tomorrow 😕.

Happy rest of your Sunday ❤️ Kat.