Stuff I Love Saturday & better Etsy photos with props….

I have been dabbling for sometime in the world of Etsy and posting things I make on my shop (insert my first shameless plug here) Mad Katter Creations.

So I am always fascinated with the way people photograph their items. Some people just put the item in a corner, in bad lighting and blurry focus and go. Some people really go all out with good lighting, placement and backdrops.

Sadly, and much to my chagrin, I fall way closer to the blurry dark corner side of the spectrum. I’ve been known to use the sheet on my bed as a background. But I digress.

I recently made a light box from tissue paper and cardboard box (I may do a tutorial later on that) which has made quite a bit of difference in getting adequate diffused light into my photos of products.

I just recently made some pendants and was on Amazon, my favorite place, and thought ok let’s buy a cheap necklace form and see if that, in conjunction with my light box does anything. The necklace form I purchased was (second shameless plug) this:

It was $9.99 and it was the medium size of the 3 and what I felt was a good price. It wasn’t the typical cheap black fuzz. Well I got it and it is actually really nice. It’s like a very soft faux leather in white. Really sturdy for what it is and I think gives my necklace what I feel is almost a professionally showcased appearance.



I am quite pleased with the necklace bust.  I plan to experiment more with lighting and light boxes, but was really impressed with how something so inexpensive could really make such a difference overall in the pictures I take of products for my Etsy site.

I’m in a toxic relationship….with my job…

Here it is 4:51am, and I am awake, already dreading going to work. I’ve been thinking a lot about my job and I am pretty sure I am in a toxic relationship with it lol. The more I think about it the more my job resembles a toxic relationship. 

  • I’m constantly fighting against it for some sort of logic
  • It makes up all these convoluted rules that only apply to me
  • I never feel good enough when I am with it
  • It demands that I lie to people about the shitty choices it makes
  • I keep going back thinking it will change 
  • It sucks the life out of me and leaves me feeling exhausted  

Lol, when I had this epiphany the other day I was like oh my lord. I couldn’t believe the similarities and I’ve never even been in actual toxic relationship. 

I know that work is called work because it isn’t supposed to be “fun”, but I still think there is hope to find a job that doesn’t leave you devoid of all things good. I know it is out there, somewhere, over the rainbow ­čîłmaybe? Lol. 

…side note, for anyone that knows me, I am NOT a morning person. Like at all. In any way. Non functional in the a.m. Jones right here. So, I’m having a moment of pride in the fact that this post seems relatively coherent. Good job me! ­čî×

So this is blogging….

I was sitting in traffic one morning last week, on my way to a job that I don’t particularly love, and I had this thought “this is not the life I want.”

So from that day I have decided to set goals for myself, both big and small, to help me get to where I want to be. I have an idea of the big picture, so for now I am working on small stepping stone goals in order to reach that big picture.

Once of those goals is to spend at least 5 hours a week on my creative outlets. Be it writing, crafting, or cooking, I need to spend at least 5 hours doing those types of things. They relax me, they make me happy, and hopefully some of it will actually take me towards my end goal.

So for now, that is the extent of this first blog. I am still trying to figure out word press, and how to use all these features.