That’s Not My Job, and Other Roadblocks…..

Now I feel like I am pretty great.  However, let me just start off by owning my shit. I am difficult at times, I am inherently lazy, I hold other people to higher standards than myself, I procrastinate & I enjoy it, and sometimes I just don’t give two fucks. 

This brings me to my number one issue in this post, the IT’S NOT MY JOB people. These people never help, they go out of their way to NOT help. In all my inherent laziensss, I don’t even do this at work. 

What is so difficult about just doing the shit that pertains to your job or your department? Is it really that hard to give a little bit of information to assist someoen in getting where they need to be? 

This NOT MY JOB ITIS that people seem to have also seems to go hand in hand with everyone’s lack of personal resonsibiloty and lack of accountability <– aka the BLAME EVERYONE ELSE ITIS. 

IDK, maybe it is because I’m lazy that I have no interest in hearing from people twice about the same issue, so I am giving them as much helpful info as I can upfront. 

Case in point, at my new job,  I wanted to change the website tree to my dept and some of the pages. Two weeks ago I emailed the person in charge of that. No reply. I re-emailed again this am requesting assistance and protocol because I am new. I explained the issues we are having etc. His reply? He can only help the people listed and gave me the list of people. No additional info. 

And maybe I am just cranky. Idk. But it just seems like wow, that was super unhelpful. But after two weeks I guess I’m glad I got any reply at all. 

Warped….in Both My Mind & My Bakeware…

LOL so I saw this the other day and busted out laughing so hard, not because I have anyone to send a vigorously shaken box of bees too, but because I have a warped sense of humor. 

I got quite a kick out of this and then proceeded to make sheet pan eggs on my sadly, and also very warped, baking sheets. Although they came out fine, but after using my new Wilton muffin top pan for my circle eggs. I went looking for similar quality sheet pans. 

So I totally love this pan. Made the below eggs on them. Perfect circles of egg goodness for my breakfast sandwiches. 

This pan is so awesome I didn’t even spray or grease it and nothing stuck. Uh-may-zing I promise. Was a little higher priced than I wanted to pay BUT it’s dual purpose so I’m still in love. 

Anyhow back to my warped pan dilemma. So because of the delightful quality, non stick loveliness, and very heavy weight durability of this particular pan I looked for Wilton again and found this pan for UNDER $6.50!!! 

Now, I KNOW you are saying to yourself, WHAT??!! That price is amazing!!! And maybe I am just easily fooled but I am pretty sure for a 17.5×11.5 pan that is a good price. Either way I was stoked. Now it is an add on item but I had $25 of other stuff at Amazon I needed anyhow so I didn’t have an issue. 

I used one of these pans tonite for my flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they are every bit as good as I expected them to be. Pan AND cookies lol. 

Anyhow I hope you can find a love for these pans too 🙂 happy Saturday! ❤️ Kat 

I am a Work in Progress ….but I am GRATEFUL. 

I want to preface this by saying I am always thankful and grateful for things. I am grateful for my friends, my family who allows me to try to reach my goals with full support, and my ability to work. But I think for me, I am often more cognizant of the things I don’t like vs the things I do, when something isn’t going my way. 

That being said in an effort to improve my life in small ways and devote time per week to creative outlets, I am also going to make an effort to be more verbally grateful. 

It hit me this morning as I was driving in the monsoon rainstorm, and saw someone waiting at a bus stop, that I am grateful that I am able to work and make enough money to afford my own car so I don’t have to take the bus. 

That guy may be grateful he has a sheltered bus bench to wait on instead of having to be in the rain. Remembering the small things that I’m grateful for I think makes a difference in outlook. I may not love paying my car payment monthly, but I’m grateful that I am able to work two jobs in order to try to pay it off faster. 

I’ve decided that being grateful for the small things, doesn’t have to change the things I dislike, but it sure will help me figure out better where I need and want to go in life. 

For instance, I am grateful I have a job so I can pay my bills, but moving forward my next car payment I don’t want to be over $300 a month. I am very grateful to have landed a city job and have my old job as part time, but moving forward I want to figure out a way to make money creatively vs being stuck in a regular job. 

And maybe this is just some kind of boredom crazy I’m experiencing here since my new job has yet to train me on anything and I do a lot of sitting. But I was just thinking and gratefulness creates awareness which helps us make good decisions for ourselves. 

Anyhow, those are my Monday two cents. Have a super day! ❤️ Kat. 

Sunday Funday, and I kinda have it together, sort of…

So it is Sunday and I’ve spent the past two weeks getting acclimated at my new job and transitioning to part time at my old job. Trying to find a rhythm. Or some sort of something. 

So far I like my new job but they sure aren’t quick about training. I keep hearing “we are gonna have you dive right in” but the thing is I can’t find the pool cuz no one will show me the way. And to be fair I guess they are all just too busy. But I am not sure I’d want to pay someone to just hang out all day. Oh well, such is life I guess working for a government organization? Idk I’m new here don’t ask me. 😜

In other news I’ve been food prepping for the week. Which has taken up much of my time. However, I’ve used Walmart’s grocery pick up. Dang it’s really nice. I ordered what I wanted on Wednesday, actually was able to go back into my order and add stuff I forgot. I got a notice on the app and email my order was ready for pickup Saturday. Used the app to “check in” (aka alert them that I was on my way) pulled into the parking spot and not 45 seconds later there was Barbara with all my stuff. Two minutes later I was on my way with a free gift bag of stuff (picture below) Super convenient and cool. I’ll be using that again.  

This week’s meal prep includes veggie pasta salad, and ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I made enough for my sister for the week too. Last week I had made eggs in my muffin top pan and liked it so much I made those again and also tried sheet pan scrambled eggs. They worked great too. Awesome way to make freezer friendly breakfast sandwiches. 

Seriously super good. I think I spent $26 (no coupons or sales just regular price) and got 24 sandwiches of assorted kinds. Wheat English muffins, white English muffins, and biscuits. All with spiral sliced ham, egg and cheese. Sister got about ten and I got six for the week and seven for the freezer. 

Liking the food prep cooking. Gonna try and always double up when I cook from now on, especially for those things that will freeze well.  

Didn’t get any time for crafts this weekend. And may not for a while. I am so grateful and lucky I have this job with the city, but I still believe I belong in a domestic career vs a company career. One day maybe. Until then I’m gonna work as hard as I can with these two jobs and pay off my car early I hope. 

Happy Sunday! ❤️ Kat. 

Cuz You Gotta Have Goals…

One June 1st of last year, 2016, being unsatisfied with my life, I up and decided one day to put in my notice at work and relocate to California to see if it could work. 

It was specifically after I had seen this quote on Pinterest. It reminded me of my old friend Craig, he always told me, “just do something, anything, even if it doesn’t work who cares, just take the step”. 

I had been feeling especially stuck and unhappy and in a huge rut. So I asked my friend Jennie could I try it out and stay with her and she said “you bet!”. So I put in my notice and started packing. 

Ultimately my job let me relocate and work remotely, for which I will forever be grateful, and so off I went. I drove to Texas first to stop and see friends, rolled through the wide open spaces across the country, I marveled at all the landscapes I’d been missing and I made my way to Northern California. 

I spent several months there, loved every minute of it, saw so many things, applied for ten thousand jobs, and then my boss asked, what would it take to get you back here? So I told her and she said ok. I continued traveling about. Took the pacific coast highway, over to Vegas, back to Texas, to Florida for my nieces softball tournament and wound up back home and working at my same desk and my same rut again. 

What I thought would happen didn’t come to fruition, so from November of 2016 — June of 2017 I really was hard core looking for another job. During that time my California friend Jennie and my coworker Kristy, who are both very big on goals and goal setting, kept saying what to you want? Where do you want to be? What are your goals? To be honest, I have never really defined goals for myself.  I had kinda chalked that up to I’ll figure it out on the way. 

However, I was so unsatisfied and unhappy that I really started thinking about it. I came up with my ultimate goal. That’s my Plan A, but then I also came up with Plans B, C & D. They all are along the same lines but variations to leave allowances for things that either just cannot be or I cannot force. 

After that, I also decided to make some mini  goals, achievable, really quite small things that I could do in order to create a happier me in my rut. For instance I like a creative outlet, so one of my small goals has been to devote a minimum of 5 hours per week on something creative. 

I have found that doing these small things have made the misery of my rut a lot more bearable. I’ve also learned new things during this process. In devoting my 5 hours a week, I’ve learned new ways to use resin, I’ve learned how to imbed hyperlinks into my blogs. It’s like all these things helped take my mind off my dissatisfaction. 

Then about 3 weeks ago now, I got a call from a job I had applied for in March from the city, a job that was in my Plan B goals and I am just waiting on a final salary discussion and start date, well so long as my drug test is passed lol. 

So I don’t know if my huge leap to one day up and relocate to California was the catalyst for all this, or it was just one piece of the road puzzle to get me where I want to be. What I do know is this: 

  • Figure out your goals 
  • Figure out small steps to get you to your goals
  •  It doesn’t matter if you start small or start big JUST START
  • DON’T let negativity sway you

This doesn’t mean don’t listen to advice. It doesn’t mean ignore people who care about you. It just means don’t feel bad about making changes to better your life even if they make others uncomfortable. 
I guess that’s all for now. 

Happy Sunday! ❤️ Kat. 

Little Assholes & the Parents that Raise them…

I happened to take my lunch break today and ride with my sister and one of my 3 nieces to Old Navy. I needed to escape my desk. My sister needed a different shirt she didn’t feel trapped in. And my niece, I’ll call her A2 (cuz A1 is her older sister) was along for the ride. 

Now, all of my sisters kids are attractive children. She makes nice looking kids. I may be biased, cuz I am family, but pretty much all my sisters kids are beautiful. A2 especially, is a pretty blonde haired, blue eyed, naturally tanned, genuinely nice and kind hearted kid. She is the first to apologize and make up, the first to help someone, the first to offer up the better toy to her friend. She is just an unselfish and sweet kid. 

So my sister texts me while in the store about running into some kid in A2’s class who is apparently one of those kids you know immediately is just an asshole. I can totally pick those kids out immediately too. I don’t know what it is about them, or their demeanor, or the way they carry themselves. I just know. 

Evidently, it started with this little brat and her mother racing to cut off my sister in line. Now anyone who has been to Old Navy knows that store is a hot mess and lines never move. So I get wanting to get in line as soon as possible. But not at the expense of rudely cutting someone off. Then the little brat’s friend, who was also with her & her mother, stood and stared at my sister and niece the entire time they were in line. Staring and whispering about some picture app, and were apparently about to start snapping pics to post when my sister started staring back, and the little twat put down her phone. 

And like I have to stop here and ask, where is the mother in this? Where is her attention? Because, no I don’t have my own kids, but when I am with my nieces or nephews I am on them like white on rice. Who are you texting? Why are you whispering? Stop staring it’s rude. And my nieces and nephew don’t stare. But I am just saying, I am there monitoring their behavior, as is their mother, when we are in public as well as home. 

So my sister gets in the car with A2, who is already worried about them posting her picture online and what gossip will be written about her. She is 11, why should that even be a concern? And why is the little snot nosed brat already such a jackass at 11? We pull out of the parking lot and happen to drive past them and there is the mother 100% involved in her cell phone, not even checking to see if her brat kid and friend are behind her. I notice this poor unfortunate looking girl. With her limp, thin, dishwater brown hair and bulbous nose and ask myself is it jealousy? Does jealousy start that young? 

I think back to when I was a kid, I wasn’t beautiful like my neices and sister are. I wasn’t hideous but I was meh looking. I don’t remember ever being jealous of beautiful people wanting to maliciously hurt them. A2 told me this asshat kid is a consistent gossip monger at school and ringleader of a group of mean girls. At 11, this is happening. 

What kind of parents are raising this demonic spawn? Are they encouraging it? Is it like “oh little so & so is so adorably precocious” at 2, and then it got out of hand by 11? Or is this behavior that they excuse and justify the entirety of the kids life? Or is it simply a lack of attention to their little bastard’s ways? Or some combo of it all? 

But this mean girl kid is gonna be the same asshat in junior high making other kids miserable, and it will carry right over to high school. And these are the kids that grow up to be the unbelievably entitled asshole adults we have to deal with on a daily basis too. Who blame everyone else for everything that is wrong. Who stir up gossip and fuel lies. The ones that karma never seems to throat punch like I would like. 

And yes I do see the hypocrisy in me using mean references in taking about this mean girl. Just can’t care at the moment. She is an asshole. And her mother is clearly doing just a fine job in raising her. Hope the sarcasm is coming through on that last bit. 🙄

Happy Mean Girl Friday ❤️ Kat. 

Happy Fourth of Monsoon.. ….err July…

Lol so today I was off from work. Blessed are the people who have some national holidays off. I am grateful today that I am afforded that luxury. I am also grateful I live in the United States of America. Despite our dysfunctional government, I enjoy the freedoms I have and my ability to go anywhere in life here.

So for my holiday I decided to do laundry (don’t be jelly) and make some resin pendants and fire up a Hunger Games marathon. I also had a nap, during which a torrential downpour monsoon woke me up. Luckily for all those heading out into nature, in the 459,000% humidity, the monsoon rain has ceased. So they should be able to blast off fireworks without too much of a fuss.

I was first introduced to the Hunger Games series by my brother in law, well my sister actually telling me my BIL was reading the books. At that time I hadn’t seen the movies nor did I have any interest. But my sister kept saying how much my BIL was enjoying them so I purchased the first book. Well woah boy I was sold after that and got the rest and subsequently bought all the movies too.

Now I love paper books, I have a lot of physical books. But I love the option to have books on my phone too. So I got the kindle version of the Hunger Games first. However, I plan to buy the box set too eventually for my bookshelf.

Much like the digital books I also love Amazon video for the same reason. I can take all my movies anywhere and watch them on any device. I chose to purchase the Amazon video Hunger Games vs physical DVDs and I’m not sorry. I’ve been able to watch them on my pc, phone, tablet and Roku and love that flexibility.

Digital options reduce my propensity to collect clutter and also create a flexible mode of entertainment that I can take with me anywhere. Ty Amazon. Idk if anyone can tell yet, but I’m an Amazon fan. I dearly love nearly everything about it. Now if only I was rich enough to afford some Amazon stock. One day maybe 🙃.

Happy 4th! 🎆🎇

❤️ Kat.

Cheerful Notes to the Inconsiderate….

This is a hard lesson for people to learn I think. I say this because the world is full of habitually Inconsiderate douche canoes. I have compiled a few cheerful notes to these people 🙂. 

Dear Animal Loving Neighbor,

I love how you allow your pet artistic fecal interpretation, on my lawn. I also admire how you support your pets dedication to creative expression though barks for 2-10 hours at a time. 



P.s. Your garage has amazing acoustics! 

Dear Avid Music Lover,

I am in awe of  your supernatural ability to avoid damaging your hearing while simultaneously thumping my ear drums from my ear canals, and all this from a different location than me. I also admire your persistance in expanding my musical horizons against my will. I am sure some day I will be grateful for this. 



Dear Most Important Person in the World,

I am sorry I didn’t recognize you at first when you were: 

  • Cutting me off to get ahead in a line you didn’t wait in
  • Idly standing/sitting/parking in the way talking on your cell phone or to another person while me or others attempt to get by
  • Not following rules because they just don’t apply to you
  • Loudly demanding service before others who were there before you because, don’t we know who you are?
  • Making excessive racket wherever you happen to be for either excessive amounts of time or at ungodly hours of the day or night

I will try harder to be cognizant of who it is the next time. Could I get your autograph?

My sincere apologies, 


I think these cheerful little notes would make anyone’s day 🙂, back to work tomorrow 😕.

Happy rest of your Sunday ❤️ Kat. 

Stuff I Love Saturday – INSTACART….

I am not a fan of shopping. I don’t like the crowds. I don’t like the exhaustive search for things. So if I go, I try to make it during the week, really early in the morning. It is just not an enjoyable activity for me. This is why I love Amazon so dang much. Online shopping is zero hassle 97% of the time for me.

I’ve been doing weekly food prep for lunch for the week at work. Typically, I’ve been going shopping about 7:30am on Saturday. Well I slept like crap last night and was like uuuggghhh don’t wanna! I flailed a little too, not gonna lie.

Then I remembered the online grocery delivery options I had seen recently. Shipt is one, Walmart does carside delivery for free, but I had a free promo code for Instacart today so that is what I decided to try.

My options for my area with Instacart are the grocery store chain Publix and total wine, lol. I love Publix, it’s where I shop normally so I downloaded the app, signed up and went to town shopping.

I was able to choose items, real time pricing, and be able to make a comment if needed (i.e. If I had wanted bananas on the greener side I would have noted it there). Once all my items were in my cart I checked out and paid, my total was $95 or so and they let me know prior to check out they were going to put a $110 hold on my card but the charge would be pushed through as my final amount within a few days. I was fine with that so I finalized my order, chose my delivery time and I was done. Easy Peezy.

I got an email confirmation. Then the app notified me that my shopper Melinda had begun shopping for my items. I was able to track my order via the app the entire time, real time much like Domimoes app when you order pizza. During the process Melinda sent me a message that one of the items I requested was not available. She suggested a substitution and I was able to approve or deny right from the app. She also was able to chat with me via app instant message.

Once Melinda was on her way I got another updated eta message from the app. It said she would be delivering by 12:05pm and she arrived at 12:02pm. I didn’t order meat because I didn’t want to trust that sort of thing on this first try. However, I did order produce and ice cream and deliberately set my delivery time for a time farther away from my order time to test how things would go.

My items and receipt were all packed great. Everything arrived in great condition. Ice cream was barely soft and it’s HOT outside! I ordered avocados and bananas both at just ripe stage so I can use them now but also have a good few days. Just as I would have purchased them.

The break down is normal delivery is $5.99, and there is a 10% service fee added. But the prices on the app all matched my Publix ad. Everything one sale in the ad was reflected in the app. I actually ended up getting my cauliflower rice cheaper than expected. You have the option to tip at delivery or include after you rate. As a ratings email arrives after your order is submitted as complete and delivered.

Overall, I am really happy with the app, the service, the pricing. I will use them again. Here are some images from the app so you can get an idea of how it looks.

I can totally see how awesome this would be for busy parents who are always on the go or shopping haters like me. Lol. Thanks for reading. Happy Saturday ❤️ Kat.

It’s Friiiiidday Night!!

Thank you baby Jesus it is Friday night! No more work for two whole days! This week just about killed me, so what is a girl to do?
Get in her comfies, get into her bed, and watch movies!!!! My current favorite movie is Deadpool. (insert shameless Amazon affiliate plug here)

I will have you know that Deadpool is not my current favorite just because Ryan Reynolds is a hottie, ok well not ONLY that reason, jeez quit judging a girl would ya? Seriously though, this is a good movie. It has all the key components for me:

  • Humor
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Little darkness
  • Some smut, gore, & foul language

None of it is too much. All of it goes together to make an awesomely NOT childfriendly fun movie.
I rate this right up there with another of my favorites Superbad.

This was my first introduction to Emma Stone, Jonah Hill & Michael Cera. And lead me to my other three favorites:

  1. Juno
  2. Easy A
  3. Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy stupid love has another delightful hottie Ryan Gosling. Watch these movies right now. And love them like I do. Thanks!!
Have an awesome Friday night ❤️ Kat.