That’s Not My Job, and Other Roadblocks…..

Now I feel like I am pretty great.  However, let me just start off by owning my shit. I am difficult at times, I am inherently lazy, I hold other people to higher standards than myself, I procrastinate & I enjoy it, and sometimes I just don’t give two fucks. 

This brings me to my number one issue in this post, the IT’S NOT MY JOB people. These people never help, they go out of their way to NOT help. In all my inherent laziensss, I don’t even do this at work. 

What is so difficult about just doing the shit that pertains to your job or your department? Is it really that hard to give a little bit of information to assist someoen in getting where they need to be? 

This NOT MY JOB ITIS that people seem to have also seems to go hand in hand with everyone’s lack of personal resonsibiloty and lack of accountability <– aka the BLAME EVERYONE ELSE ITIS. 

IDK, maybe it is because I’m lazy that I have no interest in hearing from people twice about the same issue, so I am giving them as much helpful info as I can upfront. 

Case in point, at my new job,  I wanted to change the website tree to my dept and some of the pages. Two weeks ago I emailed the person in charge of that. No reply. I re-emailed again this am requesting assistance and protocol because I am new. I explained the issues we are having etc. His reply? He can only help the people listed and gave me the list of people. No additional info. 

And maybe I am just cranky. Idk. But it just seems like wow, that was super unhelpful. But after two weeks I guess I’m glad I got any reply at all. 

Warped….in Both My Mind & My Bakeware…

LOL so I saw this the other day and busted out laughing so hard, not because I have anyone to send a vigorously shaken box of bees too, but because I have a warped sense of humor. 

I got quite a kick out of this and then proceeded to make sheet pan eggs on my sadly, and also very warped, baking sheets. Although they came out fine, but after using my new Wilton muffin top pan for my circle eggs. I went looking for similar quality sheet pans. 

So I totally love this pan. Made the below eggs on them. Perfect circles of egg goodness for my breakfast sandwiches. 

This pan is so awesome I didn’t even spray or grease it and nothing stuck. Uh-may-zing I promise. Was a little higher priced than I wanted to pay BUT it’s dual purpose so I’m still in love. 

Anyhow back to my warped pan dilemma. So because of the delightful quality, non stick loveliness, and very heavy weight durability of this particular pan I looked for Wilton again and found this pan for UNDER $6.50!!! 

Now, I KNOW you are saying to yourself, WHAT??!! That price is amazing!!! And maybe I am just easily fooled but I am pretty sure for a 17.5×11.5 pan that is a good price. Either way I was stoked. Now it is an add on item but I had $25 of other stuff at Amazon I needed anyhow so I didn’t have an issue. 

I used one of these pans tonite for my flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they are every bit as good as I expected them to be. Pan AND cookies lol. 

Anyhow I hope you can find a love for these pans too 🙂 happy Saturday! ❤️ Kat